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We provide connections for refugees and immigrants to safe, comfortable housing.

Our goal is to provide a quick connection for refugees and immigrants to short-term and long-term housing options in the US.

Hosts are contacted and screened to ensure there as adequate understanding and resources to support the needs of refugees and immigrants. There are many hurdles to overcome when screening hosts: language barriers, transportation needs, privacy and many more. We work to overcome those hurdles and support the families that need immediate housing.


Grigory Yasninskiy

Grigory Yasninskiy and his wife at Christmas.

Our Story

HopeStay began in late 2021 when the war in Ukraine began to force many refugees to seek shelter in the US. San Diego, California became a crossing point from Mexico and the local churches and agencies quickly responded to meet the families and support the growing need at the border. 


Our Founder, a Russian-speaking member of a local church, pulled together several friends and set things into motion. He would make daily trips to the border to monitor the situation and offer help where able. 

A website and call center were quickly established and this was the birth of HopeStay. 

Meet The Us

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